Data Recovery Process

Online Quotation
Normally customers complete our Online slots no deposit This allows us to capture as much information as we need about your data loss. It also alerts our engineers who are then able to schedule time for your media. Alternatively call us if you prefer to discuss your requirements.

Send Media
If sending the media, please follow our sending media instructions. You may also deliver it yourself to our office in Melbourne.

Once we receive your media, we will perform an initial analysis to diagnose the cause of failure. We can then provide a confirmed cost of recovery. We will proceed with the recovery process only with your authorisation.

After the analysis, any required repairs are made to your media. Once the repairs are complete and the media is deemed recoverable, a low-level copy (clone) of the data is made to another media. From this media the data is tested for accessibility and any further logical repairs are made if required.

Once our extensive testing is complete and the data is deemed recovered it is ready for the customer to verify.

We return the recovered files to the customer usually on DVD for small data volumes or another hard disk for larger volumes.