Why is data recovery so expensive? My one terabyte disk only cost $80.
Data recovery is a labour intensive process and requires significant investment to do properly.A hard disk with a mechanical failure can take a dedicated engineer 5-10 days to recover inside a laboratory. In addition spare parts have to be traced and shipped, usually from the USA.Compare to hiring any professional service or trade skill for a similar period.

Whereas hard disks are mass produced in low-cost economies.

Only consider data recovery if your data cannot be obtained from another source.

My disk has failed. What should I do now?
Avoid using the media. Make a note all symptoms of the failure and all recent actions and events involving your computer.Contact us on (03) 9020 1294 or complete our online quotation.

Avoid any operation on the storage media that may cause further damage.
Avoid any activity that may write to the disk.
Do not format the disk or modify the partitions.
Never try to open a disk. Hard drives are extremely sensitive to contamination and should only be opened in a cleanroom. We’ve had customers open their disks and send the loose platters to save on postage, resulting in total data loss.

If you have a backup, determine how recent it is and if it will satisfy your needs. Consider restoring your backup to a different system in case you find that critical files are missing or outdated.

What is your policy on confidentiality?
We offer a secure environment in which your information is kept private. We will protect the confidentiality of your data against unauthorised disclosure.
What is the data recovery turnaround time?
This will be impacted by the complexity of the recovery task. Examples of typical timescales are:-

  • Hard disk recovery from file system problem – 1-2 days
  • Hard disk recovery from electrical problem – 5 days
  • Hard disk recovery from firmware problem – 5 days
  • Hard disk recovery from mechanical problem – 5-20 working days
  • Flash recovery from hardware problem – 5-10 days
How can I prevent data loss?
The best way to prevent data loss is to perform regular backups on an alternative media.
What is a Class 100 clean room?
A clean room is a laboratory where the level of particles in the atmosphere is monitored and kept below a specific level (100 particles of greater than 0.5 microns per cubic foot). Hard drives are sensitive to particle contamination and must only be opened in a clean environment otherwise particle exposure may cause permanent damage the disk platters and read/write heads.
How do I package and send media?
Only your drive/s are required for data recovery. Please follow our sending media instructions.
Can all data be retrieved?
There are occasions when damage to the data is permanent and a complete recovery is not possible. However, it is rare that absolutely no data is retrievable. Our expert team can usually recover some of the data even in extreme conditions.When we contact you with the firm quote, we will also advise you how much of the data we expect to recover. Ordinarily, we are able to give the names of files and directories that can be recovered. If you accept our service quote, this becomes our contract.
What are the shippping costs?
Please weigh your packed media and refer to your preferred courier.
What are the payment options?
Payment is due in full upon completion of successful recovery, prior to release of data, unless by special previous arrangement. We accept Mastercard, Visa or bank transfer.