Hard Drive Clicking?

When a hard drive starts making unusual noises such as clicking, grinding or emitting smoke it is a definite indication that has a physical damage or firmware failure. It is very important the hard drive be turned off immediately. Leaving it on will eventually make all the data unrecoverable possibly even at the next restart.

Clicking sounds are generally the result of misaligned or damaged heads being unable to calibrate with the media servo tracks, which forces the drive to keep resetting. A grinding sound is usually the result of a head crash which, if not turned off, will cause unrecoverable damage.

Don’t risk losing your data! Don’t knock your drive or leave it running. Don’t run software on it. The drive should be turned off at the first instance of an unusual noise.

Trust your data to a professional data recovery company who will routinely recover data from these type of situations. These symptoms require that your drive is examined and repaired in a clean-room environment.

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