File Recovery

A common problem affecting data is corruption. This means you can see the file or database but can an error when trying to use or open them. At Toba Data Recovery Ltd we provide services that recover file data from corrupt, damaged and password protected files that are unreadable or unusable on your computer system.

There are many ways your data can become corrupted, here are some examples:

  • Hardware Error – Failing Storage Device, Unbootable Computer, Damaged Computer
  • User Error – Formatted Drive, Deleted Partitions, RTFM
  • Software Malfunction – Bad Installations, Corrupted Installations, Upgrades Failing
  • Virus Infection – Enough Said!

We can guarantee that if you can store data on a device, we have a technique that can fix your corrupted data. The Toba Data Recovery technicians can repair many different formats of data, including:

  • File Repair – All MS Office Documents, All Apple MAC Documents, All documents Compatible with MS & Apple
  • Email Recovery Services – PST, DBX, OST, EDB, IMH, NSF
  • Database Repair Services – SQL, DBF, Access, My SQL
  • Backup Repair Service – ZIP, TAR, RAR

It is so important that you contact us so we can help diagnose the best and cost effective way forward. If you try to recover the data yourself you may cause further damage depending on the issue, which is why it is important you contact us as early as possible.

We provide outstanding customer support and continually update you as to the current status of your recovery.