Android Data Recovery

Android Phone Recovery

Data Recovery Pricing for Android phones

For working or fully functional Androids phones with lost or deleted data:

Total cost is $700 and is charged as follows:

  • Non-refundable attempt fee of $100 (payable on commencement)
  • Plus a further fee of $300 to $600 if successful.

Examples: Android device that is in working order but photos and or music have been lost due to software upgrade or synchronization with computer or accidental Deletion of photos.

Process takes between 5 and 10 working days

For non operable (broken) Android device:

Total cost $700 and is charged as follows:

  • Non-refundable attempt fee of $100 regardless of the condition of the device.
  • Plus a further fee of $300 to $600 if successful.

Examples:Android device has broken screen or does not switch on. Device is damaged and won’t turn on or device has physical or internal damage.

Process takes between 14 and 21 working days.

Final pricing is based on the complexity of the recovery and the outcome.

SIM cards or memory cards are not included in the above charges and will incur additional charges if data is required to be recovered from these devices.

Additional charges apply for drop off at any of our nation wide branches.

To proceed:

  1. Bring or post the mobile device to us.
  2. Be sure to wrap the media (with power charger cable) carefully and include pass or pin code, contact name, telephone number and email address. You will be asked to sign a waiver confirming you are the legal owner of the mobile device, if you are not, you are required to provide an authorised letter from the owner authorising Toba to conduct the recovery when booking in the device. A valid pin or passcode is required or we cannot complete the process.
  3. Please include a new memory stick to store the recovered data to or Toba will provide one at additional cost.